Song TitleBased onWritersPublisherYearPrintedOriginal Artiste
A Step In The Right Direction.Raymonde/PaveyWoodside1973NoZebra
All I Wanna Do Is Sing.Bilk/Paramor/Perkins/PaveyFilmusic1962YesMr Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band
All Night Long.Saxon/PaveyIvy1963NoAl Saxon
All The Troubles Of The World.Moore/GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
Blue Shaving Water.GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
Bluebird.Stella & Bambos/PaveyLorna1967NoStella & Bambos
By The Way, I Still Love YouT'ai Je Dit Que Je T'AimeGustin/Tézé/PaveyNorrie Paramor1968YesSacha Distel
Carry On London.Raymonde/PaveyFD&H1974NoEdward Woodward
Days Of LaughterThe Bells Of AmsterdamCardello/Bradtke/PaveyNorrie Paramor1969NoGunter Kallmann Choir
December DreamVon Liebe SingtesKallmann/Kroll/PaveyNorrie Paramor1970NoGunter Kallmann Choir
Don't Do Me No Favours.Raymonde/PaveyWoodside1971NoManny Cohen aka John Bluthal
Don't Stop The Music.Raymonde/PaveyWoodside1971NoJ R Corvington
Down In NapoliTel AvivMarini/PaveyNCB1963YesJohnny Reimar
Dusty.Raymonde/PaveyLorna1972NoGlyn Poole
Ein Haus Ohne FensterI'm Gonna Get There SomehowLoose/Michael/Peters?1965NoMal Sondock
El AmorLa TendresseGuichard/Ferričre/Carli/PaveyBurlington1976YesJulio Iglesias
El Tiempo Ha De PasarIt Takes A Little TimeAlpin/Richardson/PaveyLorna/Canciones del Mundo1966YesBetina
Every Time We Say Goodbye.Schroeder/Rabin/PaveyCinderella1962YesJacques Jordane
Gee It's Great To Be Young.Moore/PaveyLorna1962YesSusan Singer
Gentlemen Please!.PaveyCoronet1960NoJacqui Chan
Get Well Soon.Moore/GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
Heartstrings.Tew/PaveyLorna1960NoBill Shepherd Orchestra & Chorus
Holiday Films.Moore/GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
I Can Only Be Me.Doonican/PaveyLorna1972NoVal Doonican
I Can't Help Loving You.Bellamy/PaveyLorna1962NoBilly Fury & The Tornados
I Know.Moore/PaveyLorna1963NoDave Ventura
I Know The Feeling.PaveyGil/Lorna1964NoTony Colton
I Never Had A Chance.Schroeder/Rabin/PaveyLorna1961YesRicky Valance
I'd Be Lost Without You.Raymonde/PaveyWoodside1972NoAnna McGoldrick
I'll Cry No More.Rabin/PaveyCinderella1963NoBuddy Britten & The Regents
I'm Gonna Get There Somehow.Michael/PetersLorna1965YesVal Doonican
I've Got That Sad And Lonely Feeling.PaveyLorna1963YesFrank Ifield
If You Wanna Dance.Christensen/PaveyW Hansen1964YesThe Scarlets
If You Want To Go To Dreamland.Saxon/PaveyIvy1963NoAl Saxon
In This World.Raymonde/PaveyWoodside1971NoThe Kookies
It Must Be You.Doonican/PaveyLorna1964YesVal Doonican
It Takes A Little Time.Richardson/PaveyLorna1966NoMaureen Evans
J'ai Bien TortI'll Cry No MoreGérald/Rabin/Pavey?1964NoGérard Brent
Jenny Dreams.Turner/Michael/PetersLorna1965YesVal Doonican
Just A Dream.Kallmann/PaveyNorrie Paramor1969NoGunter Kallmann Choir
Kalula Bay.Moore/GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
Kissin'.Bilk/Paramor/PaveyFilmusic1962NoCarol Deene
Lucky You, Lucky Me.Doonican/PaveyLorna1960YesVal Doonican
Ma Petite AmieI'm Gonna Get There SomehowAlbertini/Doonican/PaveyJacques Plante/Lorna1965YesDanyel Gérard
Many People.PaveyLorna1964YesMike Redway
MarianneGlemmer Du, Sĺ Husker JegAndersen/PaveyW Hansen1966NoSir Henry & His Butlers
Molly The Moo.Trad arr GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
Much Too Much.Doonican/PaveyLorna1965YesVal Doonican
My Dad.Raymonde/PaveyChappell-Solomon1972YesNeil Reid
Ne Pleure PasI'll Cry No MoreGurdall/Rabin/Pavey?1964NoDany Gurdall
New Dreams For Old.Doonican/PaveyLorna1969NoVal Doonican
Nyt Mitä TeenWhat Can I Do?Vainio/Petersen/Pavey?1966NoTheresa
One Sheep Short.GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
One Summer's Day.Kallmann/PaveyNorrie Paramor1969NoGunter Kallmann Choir
ReflectionReflektionerHřyer/PaveyLorna1967NoStella & Bambos
Remember My Name.GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
Running With The Crowd.Hirst/PetersChevron1974NoGlyn Poole
Saturday Night.Saxon/PaveyLorna1963NoAl Saxon
Shenandoah.Trad arr Shepherd/PaveyLorna1960NoDavy Jones
Sing A Song Of Love.Simons/PaveyMagnet1981NoKids International
Somewhere In The Shadow Of My Dreams.Raymonde/PaveyWoodside1971YesMoira Anderson
Sowas Kann Man Nicht VergessenThat's The Last Thing I'd DoLach/Pavey?1965NoDorthe
Summertime's The Time For LoveLes Cerisiers Sont BlancBécaud/Vidalin/PaveyBurlington1976YesGilbert Bécaud
Sunday By The Sea – originalTel AvivMarini/PaveyLorna1964NoRolf Harris
Sunday By The Sea.GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
That's The Last Thing I'd Do.PaveyFlamingo1963NoLynda Graham
That's The Way It Is.Schroeder/Rabin/PaveyLorna1961NoFrank Ifield
The Clock On The Wall.GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
The Franz Liszt Twist.PaveyCinderella1962YesGary Edwards Combo
The Girl In The MountainsAve Maria No MorroMartins/PaveyLatin-American1962YesMike Carr
The Guy With The Garden Next Door.GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
The Lonely One.Whitaker/PaveyLorna1963NoTim Connor
The Man Who Broke The Bank At Monte Carlo.Gilbert/PaveyFD&H1962YesAl Saxon
The New House Alphabet.Moore/GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
The Road To LoveQuisiera SerDúo Dinámico/PaveySouthern1961YesDale Sisters
The Season Of WinterWarum Scheint Die SonneKallmann/Ruger/PaveyNorrie Paramor1970NoGunter Kallmann Choir
The Seńorita From MadridDie Seńorita Aus MadridKallmann/Bradtke/PaveyNorrie Paramor1969NoGunter Kallmann Choir
The Sun Always Shines When You're Young.Doonican/PaveyLorna1968NoVal Doonican
The Television Blues.Moore/GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
The Windows Of The WorldViele Menschen Geh'n An Dir VorbeiNowa/Arnie/PaveyLorna1968NoStella & Bambos
There's No One In The Whole Wide World.Schroeder/PaveyLorna1962YesJackie Lee & The Raindrops
Timber!.PaveyLorna1961YesDean Rogers
Times.Doonican/PaveyLorna1969NoVal Doonican
Travellin' Home.Doonican/PaveyLorna1964YesVal Doonican
Wait And See.Schroeder/Rabin/PaveyCinderella1963NoLynda Graham
What Can I Do?.Petersen/PaveyW Hansen1963YesThe Cliffters
Where Can I Find Her?.Doonican/PaveyLorna1965YesVal Doonican
Where Did I Come From?.Moore/GreenLorna1967YesPartridge Green
Where You Goin', Manny Cohen?.Bluthal/Raymonde/PaveyPan1971NoManny Cohen aka John Bluthal
Where's Me Mum?.Moore/PaveyLorna1975NoThe Krankies
Why Didn't You Tell Me?.PaveySouthern/Meridian1960YesMarke Anthony
Wilma!Timber!Leth/PaveyW Hansen1961YesDirch Passer
With Love.Raymonde/PaveyWoodside1971NoJoan Turner
You.Tew/PaveyPop1961NoThe Three Bells